Customer Magnet

What is a customer magnet? 

A customer magnet is an attraction, designed to engage with a target audience, and encourage them to make use of it repeatedly. Its purpose is to attract new customers to a business, and keep them coming back. A good customer magnet will attract a target audience and encourage those that see its value to continue engaging with it. By appealing to consumer needs, customer magnets provide an added value to the businesses using them. Consumers get what they want, and the businesses get the consumers. 

How does it work? 

Home Benefit’s customer magnet comes in the form of discounts and promotional offers, provided to us by a variety of vendors. Subscribers to Home Benefit receive their own customer magnet, which is integrated directly into their website, and loaded with these offers. Visitors to this website can redeem these offers, simply by signing up through that page. Membership is free, and anyone can become a member. These members will return to the same website every time they are looking for these great discounts and deals, which means they are consistently interacting with that subscriber’s web page. This increases exposure for their business exponentially, as well as creating a community surrounding the subscriber.

How does this work for me? 

Professionals in the Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance industries are constantly looking for new business, as well as ways to strengthen their existing client relationships. By having your own Home Benefit magnet, you are adding extra value to the systems you already have in place. You will be able to reach new audiences and establish loyal connections with your customer base. By rewarding your clientele and consistently appearing in front of your target audience, you are influencing your community of customers and prospects to connect with you, for whatever they may need. In the end, our customer magnet creates an association in each member’s mind that your business = saving money.

Interested in having your own customer magnet?